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Youray is a leading full-service aluminum die-casting parts and zinc die-casting parts manufacturer in China. We provide you with high-quality and high-precision parts optimized.

Aluminum Die Casting

We provide superior high-precision and high-quality customized aluminum die castings for our customers.

Zinc Die Casting

Professional zinc die-casting services to ensure that products meet the most stringent specifications and production efficiency reaches more than 98% of the industry level.

CNC Machining

Our CNC machining capabilities ensure accuracy and efficiency in producing complex metal components for various industries.

Your top die-casting manufacturer partner

For over 20 years, Youray has been a cornerstone in the die-casting industry, specializing in the production of high-quality aluminum and zinc solutions.

Combining cutting-edge technology with our skilled workforce, Youray is dedicated to delivering premium-quality parts on budget, solidifying our reputation for excellence in die casting.

Our Vision
Our vision is to excel and satisfy customers while being the industry's top supplier of cutting-edge solutions for die casting.
Our Misson
Our mission is to relentlessly pursue innovation as well as excellence in the die-casting industry through the use of advanced technologies, engineering expertise, and a customer-centric approach.

Providing Die Casting For The Industries

Aerospace Casting

aerospace casting

We produce high-quality, lightweight components for aircraft engines, turbines, and other critical equipment.

Automotive Die Casting

automotive die casting

Provide die casting one-stop solutions for auto parts such as engine block, transmission and suspension parts.
Medical Die Casting

medical die casting

Include producing precise and durable components for surgical instruments, medical devices, as well as imaging equipment.

Die Casting for Marine Application

marine die casting

The corrosion-resistant and durable components for marine engines, propellers, as well as other marine equipment.


telecom die casting

Die casting telecom equipment such as antennas and housing connectors for reliable, yet efficient communication systems.

Wide Variety Die Cast Products

Small Die Casting Parts

We provide highly customized small castings services. The exquisite manufacturing process ensures that the average dimensional deviation of the products is within 0.01mm, reaching a pass rate of 99.5%.

Die Casting Automotive Parts 5
Electronic product die-casting cover

Medium Die Casting Parts

In medium-sized castings manufacturing, we focus on engineering design and material selection. Adopting advanced mold technology, the average product tensile strength exceeds 300 MPa, and the hardness is stable within the range of 80-90 HRB.

Large Die Casting Parts

Professional experience and leading-edge equipment make us stand out in large castings. For complex structures, our extensive casting manufacturing capabilities cover sizes up to 3 meters with surface finishes up to Ra 1.6.

Wide Range Casting for Your Business

Why Choose YOURAY as your die casting supplier

We provide exceptional quality with affordable prices so you get the best value for money and an excellent return on investment.

Sustainable Production

Our production process strictly adheres to environmental protection standards and implements a zero-emission and recycling policy.

Advanced Casting Equipment

We have introduced internationally advanced Buhler die-casting machines and automated production lines to improve production efficiency and product quality.

Quality control system

We follow the ISO 9001 quality management system and keep the defect rate of our products below 0.1%.

High Precision

Our production line utilizes advanced die-casting technology to ensure product dimensional deviations are controlled within ±0.005 inches.

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"At YOURAY, we strive to exceed expectations by delivering exceptional die casting solutions through a commitment to continuous improvement and a passion for precision engineering."

CEO: Mr. Shen

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we have successfully completed over 10,000 die casting projects for a variety of industries.
Our advanced machinery, including 30 die casting machines, allows us to produce up to 20,000 pieces per day with quick turnaround times.

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