4 Axis CNC Machining Service

Youray is an expert in offering 4-axis CNC milling machine high-calibre service. We provide complete upkeep, repair, and optimisation solutions using cutting-edge tools and a team of skilled specialists to assure top performance and increase productivity for our customers.

We Provide One-Stop 4 Axis CNC Machining Service

Our business provides a thorough one-stop service for 4-axis CNC machining, producing high-quality outputs with accuracy and effectiveness. Here are a few benefits of using our service:

Our cutting-edge technology, experienced team, and customized approach ensure fast delivery and quality products for your CNC turning needs. Contact us today and experience the difference of YOURAY.

CNC Machining

A method frequently used for production and experimentation to accurately form and shape materials using computer-controlled machinery.


CNC milling

With spinning blades, the material is removed from a workpiece to create complicated forms and patterns accurately.


CNC turning

Involves spinning a workpiece while removing material with a cutting tool to produce cylindrical components like shafts, screws, and rods.

4 Axis CNC Machining examples

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Providing 4 Axis CNC Machining for the Industries

Electronics Enclosures

This process creates accurate, specialised enclosures for electronic equipment, assuring a perfect fit, magnetic shielding, and effective heat dissipation for parts including motherboards, electrical supplies, and control switches.

CNC Machining for Mold Making

It enables the development of complex and precise moulds for a variety of industries, including plastic manufacturing, the automobile industry, and the consumer products industry.

Medical implants

4-axis CNC machining is used to create complex geometries for implants like shoulder ligaments, implants for dentistry, and skull plates, assuring a precise fit and functionality.

CNC Machining for Automobile Prototyping

Automobile Prototyping

This technique permits the creation of complex automobile prototypes, enabling engineers to evaluate and enhance designs for a variety of parts such as cylinder blocks, gearbox parts and chassis components.

Aeronautical Components

Aeronautical Components

High-precision, complicated aerospace assemblies including turbine blades, engine assemblies, and frames are created using 4-axis CNC machining.

Why Choose YOURAY as Your 4 Axis CNC Machining Company Partner

Due to our great experience and cutting-edge technology, Youray stands out as the appropriate partner for 4-axis CNC machining companies. Youray is the best option for your CNC machining needs because of our track record of supplying high-precision components and dedication to matching customer demands. We also guarantee effective production methods and excellent quality management.

Industry Experience

Youray has extensive knowledge in the CNC machining sector and has amassed considerable expertise and expertise in the field, making us a trustworthy partner with the ability to manage challenging machining operations efficiently and accurately.


To ensure that customers' needs are satisfied and expectations are surpassed, Youray actively involves customers in the production procedure.

Quality Control

Youray, committed to providing excellence, employs strict quality control procedures throughout manufacturing to guarantee that the highest levels of quality are regularly reached.

Manufacturing Efficiency

By utilising our proficiency in 4-axis machining, Youray streamlines manufacturing procedures to supply components with shorter lead times, cutting down on project completion time.



Youray excels at prototyping thanks to its cutting-edge 4-axis CNC machining skills, which make it possible to produce intricate prototypes precisely and quickly.


Support Staff

Youray has a competent and receptive support staff that guarantees timely contact, knowledgeable direction, and efficient problem-solving skills across the CNC procedure.

What are the Features of 4-Axis CNC Machines?

4-axis Compared to conventional 3-axis machines, CNC machines provide improved capabilities as advanced manufacturing tools. They have a second rotating axis that rotates the workpiece, usually a rotary table or rotary fixture, allowing the machine to carry out delicate and difficult operations like milling, drilling, and cutting at various angles. This extra axis increases the machining process’ adaptability and versatility, allowing for the production of more complex and accurate products.

Operation performed simultaneously

The four-axis CNC machines are built to carry out a variety of tasks concurrently, speeding up production and maximising efficiency.

Improved 3D Machining Capabilities

These machines succeed in 3D machining applications by including a rotational axis, enabling the fabrication of complex shapes, arcs, and profiles on surfaces that are curved or spheres.

Operational Efficiency

By allowing many axes to move simultaneously on 4-axis CNC machines, less human repositioning is required, enhancing productivity and speeding up production.

Increased Versatility

By spinning the component in order so it can access various angles and surfaces, these machines' increased versatility allows for the fabrication of intricate, multi-sided pieces.

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