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Youray is one of the top 5-axis CNC machining services providers, providing precision production solutions for various sectors. Youray produces intricate, high-quality parts and components with unmatched accuracy and efficiency thanks to cutting-edge machinery and a staff of qualified experts.

We Provide One-Stop 5 Axis CNC Machining Service

Your one-stop source for 5-axis CNC machining. Youray is a top-tier supplier of all-inclusive 5-axis CNC machining services, providing a simple and effective answer to all your needs for precision manufacturing.

We produce high-quality results that adhere to the most exacting industry requirements thanks to our cutting-edge skills and knowledgeable workforce. Contact us today and experience the difference of YOURAY.


CNC Machining

CNC machining, also known as computer numerical control (CNC) machining, is a manufacturing method that uses machinery controlled by computers to precisely form and shape materials, producing incredibly exact and detailed parts or components.


CNC milling

CNC milling is a type of CNC machining that uses rotary cutters to eliminate substance objects and create intricate forms and features.


CNC turning

Another form of CNC machining that includes rotating a piece of material while a cutting tool moulds it, CNC turning is generally used to produce circular or curved parts like shafts, pins, and fittings.

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Providing 5 Axis CNC Machining for the Industries

Architectural Design

5-axis CNC machining enables the production of delicate and specialised architectural parts, including sculptural features, facades with decorative elements, and moulds for concrete constructions.

Mould and Die making

Making complex moulds and dies for plastic injection moulding is made easier by 5-axis machining, which also makes it possible to produce intricate and accurate parts.

Production of Medical Devices

The sophisticated capabilities of 5-axis CNC machining enable the development of complex surgical tools and implants, ensuring the best possible patient results.

Automotive Manufacturing

Automotive Manufacturing

5-axis machining enables the production of complex engine parts and moulds for automobile body parts with unmatched accuracy and productivity.

Aerospace Industry

Aerospace Industry

Complicated shaping and defining of aeroplane elements are made possible by 5-axis CNC machining, producing lightweight, outstanding performance parts.

Why Choose YOURAY as Your 5 Axis CNC Machining Company Partner

Due to our significant knowledge, state-of-the-art equipment, and unshakable dedication to precision and quality, Youray is a superb choice as a 5-axis CNC machining firm partner. Youray can offer creative solutions and effective production capabilities to satisfy your machining demands thanks to a highly skilled crew, cutting-edge machinery, and a track record of providing outstanding outcomes.

Effective Time-to-Market

By utilising cutting-edge automation and effective manufacturing methods, Youray reduces lead times, enables quicker time-to-market for your products, and gives you a competitive advantage in the market.

Flexibility and Versatility

Youray's 5-axis CNC machining capabilities provide flexible manufacturing options that can handle elaborate designs, various surfaces, and complex geometries, allowing you the ability to develop new and original products.

Excellent Quality Control

To guarantee the highest levels of quality through the entire production process, Youray has put in place strict quality control measures. These measures include using strict inspection methods and cutting-edge metrology equipment.

Wide-ranging Industry Knowledge

With years of expertise, Youray has amassed extensive expertise in a variety of sectors, enabling them to provide customised solutions that adhere to certain specifications.



Because we are aware of the vital function prototypes serve in product creation and innovation, Youray excels at offering exceptional prototyping solutions.


Support Team

Youray is renowned for having an outstanding support staff that is committed to guaranteeing client pleasure.

What are the Features of 5-Axis CNC Machines?

Advanced cutting tools, 5-axis CNC machines provide greater flexibility and reliability than 3-axis competitors. Complex and sophisticated machining operations are made possible by these machines’ simultaneous movement along five separate axes. 5-axis CNC machines offer more versatility in producing complex geometries and completing multi-sided machining in one setup due to the workpiece’s ability to spin and tilt.

Expanded machining capabilities

5-axis CNC machines can create sophisticated items with intricate patterns, such as undermines and complex angles, that are difficult or impossible to produce with fewer axes.

Reduced production time

When in comparison with traditional machining techniques, 5-axis CNC machines can substantially cut down on production time because fewer configurations and tool replacements are needed.

Improved precision

A 5-axis CNC machine's additional axes of motion provide the operator more control over tool placement, which improves accuracy and makes it possible to produce intricately complex parts.

Enhanced flexibility

These machines' 5-axis capabilities allow them to navigate the workpiece from different angles, enabling the cutting of complex shapes without the need for additional setups or placements.

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