Aluminum battery cover

YOURAY is a suitable company for you that makes Aluminum Battery Covers, which is a must-have if you want protection against harmful contaminants and unnecessary liquids hitting the circuits and your battery.

We can help you reduce the accidental short-circuits and corrosions in your battery by investing in our aluminum battery cover.

Aluminum battery cover application

An Aluminum Battery Cover can prevent corrosion, and YOURAY is a guaranteed company that will ensure your battery will not have any complications, whether it’s for Automotive, New Energy, Industrial, or Electronics. 

We can play a significant role in protecting your car’s power cell and avoiding any corruption activities from happening by providing our top-notch aluminum battery covers.

Automotive Industry

An Aluminum battery cover in Automotive Industry is a must-have to hold the plates and minimize vibration.

New Energy Industry

New Energy Industry

Keep the battery cool through the thermal transfer capabilities of aluminum battery cover.

Electronics Industry

Electronics Industry

Aluminum battery cover is mostly used for electronics because of its light-weighting capability.

Industrial Equipment

Industrial Equipment

Improved thermal management and battery conditioning for long-term durability is achieved through aluminum battery cover in Industrial purposes.

Die casted aluminum battery cover benefits

Investing in an aluminum battery cover is an excellent decision to achieve an extended battery life. The corrosion resistance and fire protection benefit the function of your battery without putting too much interruption on your operations.

Improved Thermal Management

Long-Term Durability and Extended Battery Life

Sealed Surface and Functional Integration

Thermal Runaway and External Fire Protection

Strength and Stiffness

Die casting aluminum battery cover parts gallery

YOURAY is also performing well in Die casting aluminum battery cover parts, especially in lithium-ion and car battery covers, using aluminum, lithium-ion, and other components tailored to your specified battery.

We have a set of advanced machines and methods, like Structural Simulation, Quality Control, and Mechanical Fixation, to produce the best protection cover for blocking debris, preventing contaminants, and shielding against corrosion.

The die-casting process Unparalleled cost efficiency with high quantities


With years of experience and expertise in die-casting process, YOURAY is committed to delivering and maintaining breakthrough in projects like Die casting aluminum battery cover for clients’ requests to protect their batteries.

CEO: Mr. Shen

Here at YOURAY, you will be guaranteed to receive outstanding outputs that went through Structural Simulation, Detailed Manufacturing Methods, and Quality Control Management procedures. Our long-term experience and skills in processing will meet the components of a battery cover that you need.

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