Aluminum Camlock Coupling

YOURAY is one of the top-notch manufacturers of aluminum camlock coupling committed to delivering excellent and durable parts for industrial merchandise in chemical and petroleum operations, agricultural irrigation, and water transferring. 

We are open to showcasing our proficiency and competence by delivering our lightweight, strengthened, versatile metals with abrasion and chemical resistance.

Aluminum camlock coupling types

We can work with a wide range of aluminum camlock coupling types to provide the safety seals you need, especially in connecting and disconnecting the hoses of your equipment.

Our company is going through a Strict Quality Inspection System to ensure we produce globally-competitive tools for commercial and industrial usage.

Aluminum Camlock Coupling

Aluminum Camlock Coupling

Aluminum Camlock Elbows

Aluminum Camlock Caps

Aluminum Camlock Caps

Aluminum Camlock Plugs

Aluminum Camlock Plugs

Die casted aluminum camlock coupling benefit

Die-casted aluminum camlock coupling offers industries many advantages and benefits because it connects and transfers between two hoses, Camlock electrical fittings, and aluminum camlock reducer coupling.

It is a globally-known, versatile, and functional tool that became multi-purpose in most oil and gas, agricultural, military, and chemical industries.

Best suited for frequent hose changes
Safely seals powders and fluids
Highly reliable and durable
Excellent Thermal and Electrical Conductivity

Aluminum camlock coupling application

Before purchasing an Aluminum camlock coupling, you must know the proper coupling you need and its value in several applications. Aluminum camlock coupling is primarily suitable for the operations between oil and water mixture, or any low-demand fluids in the industry.

Aluminum camlock coupling price


YOURAY is willing to solve your problems in choosing the suitable Aluminum camlock coupling, with a range of affordable factory prices depending on the quality and size you need.

CEO: Mr. Shen

We can make a good collaboration, and we assure to meet your expectations in delivering faster lead time, plus providing the best outputs of our products. Check our collection of Aluminum camlock coupling, and see how we can negotiate the pricing according to the quantity and urgency of your orders.

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