The 10 Best Zinc Die Casting Manufacturers in 2023

The 10 Best Zinc Die Casting Manufacturers in 2023

Are you looking for a top-notch zinc die casting manufacturers? If so, you’ve come to the correct spot. To develop high-quality goods, the most dependable zinc die cast manufacturers provide excellent knowledge and cutting-edge technology.

Zinc die casting is predicted to grow by 4.5% between 2022 and 2027. The market is expected to increase by $1,913,62 million. The market is expanding due to the advantages of die-casting equipment and die-cast components, the expansion of the construction sector, and the need for lightweight metal parts in end-user industries.

Market Overview

Zinc Die Casting Manufacturers Market Overview

Their manufacturers place a premium on precision and durability, employing advanced technology to produce high-quality zinc die-casting for various sectors. We have compiled a list of the top ten zinc die cast manufacturers for you to pick from.

Zinc Die Casting Manufacturers List

1. Chicago White Metal Casting, Inc.

1. Chicago White Metal Casting, Inc

Foundation Year: 1937
Nation: Bensenville, IL
Founder: Eric Treiber

Chicago White Metal began producing zinc die castings in 1937. They now distribute a diverse range of aluminum, magnesium, and zinc castings to clients worldwide. But you’re more than just a die casting firm. It specializes in creating net-shaped castings, so you won’t have to perform any machining. They may provide design services, machine machining, surface finishing, and sub-assembly to deliver a complete product if you want more assistance.
Chicago White Metal Casting, Inc. Homepage:



Foundation Year: 2010
Nation: #60 Xinmin North Road, Zhangting Town, Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province, China 315410
Founder: Mr. Shen

YOURAY, a renowned zinc die cast manufacturer, provides high-quality products tailored to your needs. YOURAY has over ten years of expertise in the die casting business and can supply you with high-quality die cast components. YOURAY has the know-how and experience to provide you with customized die-cast solutions that meet your needs, whether you are looking for high-quality auto parts, precision parts for electronics, intricate parts for aerospace, medical equipment parts, lighting fixtures, or consumer goods such as kitchen appliances or power tools.
YOURAY Homepage:

3. MZW Motor

3. MZW Motor

Foundation Year: 2019
Nation: Zhejiang, China
Founder: Declan

MZW is a market leader, leveraging a cutting-edge supply chain method supported by strong tactics. They ensure efficiency, speed, and dependability from product creation through production and delivery. Their product portfolio includes automobiles, railroads and metros, equipment, gears and conveyors, aviation, and fashion. It is to be at the forefront of this growing digital economy by building a strong industrial solutions firm capable of supporting product delivery.
MZW Motor Homepage:

4. PHB Inc.

4. PHB Inc

Foundation Year: 1984
Nation: Fairview, Pennsylvania
Founder: Bill Hilbert Sr.

PHB, a privately held corporation, has been involved in die casting since 1906. It was founded in 1984 as a full-service components and assembly firm. It is widely renowned worldwide as a full-service premium parts and assemblies provider. The firm employs roughly 500 people and has an office area of more than 750,000 square feet. Manufacturing operations at the firm include zinc die casting, aluminum die casting, machining, and product assembly.
PHB Inc. Homepage:

5. DyCast Specialties

5. DyCast Specialties

Foundation Year: 1978
Nation: Starbuck, Minnesota
Founder: Jon Haavig

They specialize in precise aluminum and zinc casting at DyCast Specialties. All castings are accurately cut, machined, and polished to the customer’s specifications thanks to my high-pressure die cast process. The highly qualified engineers provide engineering services from initial design to final assembly. It can serve as a single point of contact for all areas of die casting, from prototype and tooling through machining to metal finishing and final assembly, thanks to your full-service capabilities.
DyCast Specialties Homepage:

6. DECO Products

6. DECO Products

Foundation Year: 1960
Nation: Decorah, IA 52101, USA
Founder: Chris Storlie

Deco Products is the most significant single-purpose zinc die caster in North America. They were born in the Midwest, and their zinc die casting goods have always been “made in the USA.” Deco is situated in the lovely town of Decorah, Iowa. It is located in Bluff County in the northeast corner of Iowa. Deco is a full-service zinc die caster that offers quality zinc die casting to customers worldwide. They employ standard and custom-designed hot chamber zinc die casting equipment to supply you with competitive and high-quality goods.
DECO Homepage:

7. Eastern Alloys Inc.

7. Eastern Alloys Inc

Foundation Year: 1965
Nation: Maybrook, NY
Founder: Richard J. Bauer

Eastern Alloys manufactures high-quality zinc alloys for die castings, foundries, and steel coating applications. Eastern Alloys manufactures high-quality products using cutting-edge processing technology. The competitive advantage of Eastern Alloys on the market is a mix of excellent goods and great customer service programs that ensure their clients have everything they need to develop high-quality products.
Eastern Alloys Inc. Homepage:

8. Zinc-Tech

8. Zinc-Tech

Foundation Year: 1966
Nation: Palatine, IL
Founder: Tim Sparkman

Zinc-Tech has been a prominent manufacturer of custom Aluminum and Zinc cast components in the United States since 1966, serving a wide range of sectors such as HVAC tools, automotive, motor armatures, panels, medical devices, dental equipment, and electrical switching. Zinc-Tech’s tooling and die manufacturing knowledge enables them to handle any die casting quality issue, from accurate device venting to reduce porosity to geometrical tolerances to improve component performance in assemblies.
Zinc-Tech Homepage:

9. Forcebeyond

9. Forcebeyond

Foundation Year:
Nation: New Castle, Delaware
Founder: Steve Bai

ForceBeyond is a manufacturer situated in New Castle, Delaware. They offer a comprehensive spectrum of manufacturing services, including engineering design, product development, manufacturing, and logistics. They collaborate with customers to ensure they receive excellent goods and that their supply chain runs smoothly. They leverage internationally integrated production resources to achieve the finest combination of quality and cost. There are plants in the United States, China, and Taiwan. It employs tried-and-true techniques that use cutting-edge production technology and quality assurance procedures.
Forcebeyond Homepage:

10. EKO Industries

10. EKO Industries

Foundation Year: 2000
Nation: Pulau Pinang Malaysia
Founder: James Chen

EKO began as a light industrial workshop in 2000 and has now expanded into a full-fledged manufacturing company. With over two decades of expertise in the Malaysian industry, EKO has concentrated on providing solutions to consumers worldwide. EKO’s development is owed to its desire to supply clients with the best-quality die casting and metal components and to mechanical sub-assembly in our control room. They consistently surpass consumer expectations and demonstrate they are the best while enhancing Malaysia’s global reputation.
EKO Industries Homepage:

How to Select Zinc Die Casting Manufacturers

Zinc is the most preferred die casting metal for a multitude of reasons. This metal is one of the easiest to cast because of its great flexibility, impact strength, and ease of plating. Furthermore, the low melting point of zinc allows for lower temperatures, resulting in less wear on the die and, consequently, a longer die life. This increased die life enables the die to be utilized longer before requiring retooling, lowering company expenses.

Co-design Service

Zinc die casting manufacturers should have a specialized engineering department for analysis and simulation to provide the best possible support to their clients during product development. The ideal supplier should also be able to execute quick prototyping within its framework, using a pilot tool directly, without requiring subcontractors to oversee the testing operations.

Product Quality

One of the most important characteristics of a successful zinc die-casting manufacturer is the ability to foresee and plan for probable challenges and dangers throughout the process. They are utilizing modern gear, equipment, and robots for appropriate automation to meet customer expectations for product quality and timely delivery.

Delivery Time

Zinc die casters understand the importance of scheduling and fulfilling deadlines to meet the customer’s manufacturing schedule. To complete the task, the correct provider should consider three factors: how they make judgments, respond, and collaborate.


Zinc die casting may save you time and money when machining and assembling parts. This technique reduces the machining and assembly processes. The correct zinc die-casting company understands how to produce goods or components that reduce the expense of additional methods. It provides you with a competitive advantage throughout the whole production process.


Zinc is known for its flexibility, making it the most adaptable die cast metal. Furthermore, zinc alloy die casting enables higher accuracy while requiring less tooling. Moreover, the die casting technique is the simplest to cast. It has many remarkable physical and mechanical features and finishing properties. As a result, most businesses use high-pressure die casting to produce massive, precise, and complicated metal components. This article provides an overview of zinc die casting manufacturer lists, allowing readers to understand which manufacturers are the best and supply superior quality zinc die casting products globally.

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