Die Casting Ferrous Metals

Die casting is a procedure for creating elaborate and complex pieces out of ferrous metals. Precision, high-quality components with exceptional strength, endurance, and dimensional correctness are produced due to the metal’s quick cooling and solidifying.

  • Stability and toughness.
  • Heat resistance.
  • Superb surface quality.

Providing Die Casting Ferrous Metals For The Industries

Construction Hardware

Casting of non-ferrous metals is employed to create a variety of construction hardware, including brackets, connectors, and fasteners. These products offer durability and dependability in challenging construction conditions.

Aerospace Components

Due to their high strength-to-weight proportions and superior fatigue resistance, die-casting ferrous metals produce parts for landing gear, aviation engines, and structural components.

Electrical Equipment

To provide electromagnetic shielding and sturdy protection for critical components, ferrous die castings are used in electrical walls, controls, and motor cases.

Power Tools

Die-cast ferrous metal components, which have outstanding performance, temperature resistance, and improved precision, are frequently used in power tools like drills and saws.

Automotive Components

Die-casting ferrous metals are utilised to create engine blocks, gearbox housings and other essential automobile parts. This is possible because these metals have high strengths and precise dimensions.

We Provide One-stop Die Casting Ferrous Metals Solution

We are introducing Youray an industry leader in offering complete die-casting solutions for ferrous metals. With our knowledge and cutting-edge facilities, we provide top-notch goods and services to satisfy your die-casting requirements.


Die-casting design and consultation

Our team of specialists offers detailed design and advisory services to optimise the ferrous casting process for ferrous metals, ensuring effective production and high product quality.


Ferrous Metal Alloy Selection

Considering aspects including mechanical qualities, resisting corrosion, and cost-efficiency, we help clients choose the best ferrous metal alloys for their distinctive die-casting requirements.


Precision Die Casting

Using cutting-edge equipment and trained personnel, we provide accurate casting of non-ferrous metals, producing parts with precise tolerances, complex geometries, and uniform quality.


Surface Finishing and Secondary Processes

Along with die-casting, we also offer a variety of surface treatment and additional procedures for castings made of ferrous metal, such as milling, finishing, coating, and installation, resulting in fully finished components that are prepared for use.

Die Casting Ferrous Metals Materials Examples

Magnesium alloys

Due to their outstanding strength-to-weight ratio and lightweight, they are perfect for die-casting ferrous metals. They are ideal for use in the aerospace, automobile, and electronic industries because of their excellent machinability, rigidity, and strong heat dissipation qualities.

Zamak (alloy based on zinc)

Due to its good mobility, low melting point, and excellent density, zamak is a preferred option for die-casting ferrous metals. Since it has outstanding durability and corrosion resistance, it can be used in various applications across numerous industries.

How To Choose Custom Die Casting Ferrous Metals Company Partner

Cooperative partnership strategy

Pick a business that values open dialogue, teamwork, and a customer-centric mindset, and make sure they are attentive to your demands throughout the project.

Manufacturing capacity and efficiency

Assess the business's manufacturing abilities, including lead times, lead volume, and technology capacity, to make sure they can efficiently satisfy your project's requirements.

Knowledge of material selection

A trustworthy partner should thoroughly understand the various ferrous alloys and their characteristics to assist you in selecting the best material for your particular application.

Quality control

To continuously offer products of outstanding quality, make sure the organisation has adequate quality control procedures in place.

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