Die Casting Heat Sink

YOURAY is a leading company specializing in die casting heat sinks with over years of experience, global presence, and expertise in the field.

We employ several advanced methodologies for die-casting solutions and pride ourselves on delivering quality and durable finished products through our die-casting technology systems.

Aluminum Heat Sink Types

We offer a wide range of aluminum heat sinks types that will match the fittings and quality of the products you need.
We can also cater to the services and supply your demand with an unbeatable price range efficiently and timely.

Pin Fin Heat Sink

This heat sink can provide high volume output and faster heat dissipation.

Extruded Fin Heat Sink

It is a type of heat sink commonly used by industries because of its features for thermal management.

Skived Fin Heat Sink

It offers thermal conductivity and combined great fin structure and integrated base.

Folded Fin Heat Sink

Folded Fin Heat Sink

This type of heat sink is an aluminum sheet bent in a thin-fin structure with higher aspect ratios.

Fan-Attached Heat Sink

Fan-Attached Heat Sink

Most industries use this mainly in CPUs because of its active cooling solution feature.

Die cast heat sink casting process & advantage

The die-casting process forms products from heat-liquified metals turned into small to medium size parts with complex yet exceptional finishes and consistency. It is a manufacturing process perfect for high-volume demands, and it also offers the following:
Production of Complex Shapes
Tight Tolerance
High Thermal & Electrical Conductivity
Corrosion Resistance
Excellent EMI/RFI Shielding Properties

Die casting heat sink parts gallery

The die-cast heat sink parts at YOURAY specialize mainly in zinc and aluminum die casting and deliver efficiency and durability for every project clients request. Our advanced, high-tech tools and machinery produce Thermalloy Heat Sinks and other Aluminum Die Cast Solutions, making our company a reliable manufacturer of die-cast heat sink parts.

The die-casting process Unparalleled cost efficiency with high quantities


Here at YOURAY, our strength lies in the die-casting and heat sink manufacturing process acquired through a combination of fully functional die-casting machines and tools. We aim to meet customers’ high-quantity demands and expectations of cost-effective die-casting solutions.

CEO: Mr. Shen

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