Die Casting Housing

Die casting housing provides a solid enclosure for your material during the die casting process. This has seen application in different fields and industries over the years, offering additional security for components.

Die Casting Housing Step By Step

die casting mold design


The first step is to create a detailed die casting design, including its dimensions, features, and specifications.

die casting Mold Preparation

Mold Preparation

Based on the housing design, a steel mold or die is constructed. The mold consists of two halves, the "cover die" and the "ejector die," which create the desired shape of the housing when brought together.


The chosen metal alloy, often aluminum or zinc, is melted at high temperatures until it becomes a liquid.



After melting, the metal is injected into a die casting machine. With the machine applying pressure, the material is able to fill the mold cavity easily.



Once the molten metal fills the mold, it rapidly cools and solidifies within the mold cavity, taking the shape of the housing.

Die Casting Housing Examples

There are numerous examples of products that are commonly manufactured using the die casting process. Some examples include:

Automotive Parts

In the auto industry, die casting housing helps in manufacturing components such as cylinder heads, transmission cases and wheel hubs.

Electronic and Electrical Components

Electronic and Electrical Components

You can also find die casting housing in multiple electrical components, ranging from computers to mobile phones and more.



Die casting is employed in the production of appliance components like refrigerator handles, oven knobs, washing machine parts, air conditioner components, and vacuum cleaner bodies.

Lighting Fixtures

Die casting is commonly used for manufacturing components of lighting fixtures, including lamp housings, reflectors, and LED heat sinks.

Die Casting Housing Products Gallery

Die Casting Housing Cost


The general cost of die casting housing tends to vary, based on the type of material and even its specifications. If you’re looking to learn more, get in touch with us at YOURAY

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