Die Casting Service

At YOURAY, die casting is our specialty. Our advanced technology and expertise allow us to deliver high-precision, custom-crafted parts that meet the most demanding standards of the die casting industry. Whether you need aluminum die casting services or custom die casting solutions, we are your one-stop factory for all your die casting needs.

Providing Die Casting For The Industries

aerospace casting

We create complex parts for aircraft engines, interiors, as well as other components with high accuracy, yet competitive die casting costs.

automotive die casting

We provide one-stop service for automotive parts die-casting, solving some problems such as design, research and development quality testing

medical die casting

Die casting is ideal for producing intricate medical instruments as well as equipment with customized designs combined with tight tolerances.

electronics casting

electronics casting

Die casting is a cost-effective method for producing durable and high-quality housings for electronic devices.

construction casting

construction casting

Die castings are commonly used in architectural hardware such as door handles, locks, and hinges, as well as in lighting fixtures, ventilation systems, and other building components.

We Provide One-stop Die Casting Solution

We provide complete turnkey solutions from design to delivery, using the latest technology and industry-standard materials.

Our metallurgical expertise ensures we use the best-suited alloys for each project to meet the toughest requirements.


Prototyping & testing

Our team utilizes computer-aided design combined with simulation software to produce rapid prototypes as well as die casting examples, and conduct rigorous testing to validate designs.


Surface treatments & coatings

We offer a range of surface treatments such as anodizing, electroplating, and powder coating to enhance the durability as wellas the performance of components.


Non-destructive testing & inspection

Our in-house testing facility uses X-ray inspection, dye penetrant testing, and ultrasonic testing to ensure the integrity of cast components.


Supply chain management & logistics

Our supply chain team oversees material sourcing, production scheduling, and delivery logistics to provide seamless, yet efficient service to our clients.

Die Casting Materials Examples

Aluminum casting service

This thin material has good heat conductivity and is very resistant to corrosion.

Additionally, it can be recycled without losing its quality or strength and has a low melting point.

Zinc casting service

Zinc is known for its ability to produce complex shapes with high precision and tight tolerances.

It also offers excellent corrosion resistance, is easily platable, and has a low melting point.

How To Choose Custom Die Casting Company Partner

Metallurgical Expertise

Our team's knowledge of metal alloys and testing capabilities ensure optimal performance and durability.

Advanced Technology

Our investment in real-time process monitoring systems leads to up to 98% efficiency and consistent quality.

Engineering Capabilities

Our experienced engineers utilize the latest software for precise, complex designs.

Quality Control

Our strict procedures guarantee products meet exact specifications and exceed industry standards.

Collaborative Partnership

We work closely with clients for personalized solutions that meet their needs.

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