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We welcome you to Youray, a renowned supplier of superior ceiling fan parts. We have a reputation for excellence and are experts in creating precision-engineered fan shafts for a variety of industries, guaranteeing top performance and sturdiness. For all of your fan motor part requirements, we are the best choice thanks to our dedication to innovation and client satisfaction.

Fan Shaft types

Fan shafts are essential parts utilised in many different applications, such as ventilation systems, automotive systems, and industrial machines. They act as the rotating axis for fans, allowing mechanical energy to be transferred to create airflow or movement. Depending on the particular needs of the application, the design and material of fan motor parts can change, assuring optimal performance and longevity.

solid fan shaft

Solid Fan Shaft

motorised fan shaft

Motorised Fan Shaft

extended fan shaft

Extended Fan Shaft

flexible fan shaft

Flexible Fan Shaft

Fan Shaft benefit

Fan shafts have several benefits in a variety of applications. The transmission of power from the motor to the fan blades through these spinning mechanical parts is essential for effective airflow and ventilation. They are the best option for sectors like HVAC, manufacturing, and aircraft because of their sturdy design and accurate engineering, which guarantees dependable performance, reduced vibration, and increased safety.

Customisation Options
Low Maintenance Requirements
Increased Safety
Reduced Noise

Fan Shaft application

Airflow and ventilation are made possible by the fan shafts, which transfer power from the engine to the fan blades. HVAC systems, cooling towers, industrial exhausts, and automobile cooling systems all make heavy use of fan shafts. Their design and construction will vary depending on the application and operational needs.

Fan Shaft price


My goal as the chief executive officer of a business that makes fan motor parts is to revolutionise the field of airflow and establish new benchmarks for its sustainability, dependability, and efficiency.

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Making motor shafts is a crucial step in the creation of many different types of fans, including those used in industrial, automotive, and home appliance applications. The pricing range for producing fan shafts might vary widely depending on the size, complexity, and volume of the order as well as the material used.
Elements like quality control, surface polishing, and precision machining also influence the entire cost. Manufacturers frequently offer personalised quotations based on detailed specifications.

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