Casting Industry

Utilizing an advanced die casting process, Youray specializes in producing components with strict dimensional accuracy for areas such as aerospace and medical devices.

With a commitment to quality, Youray offers a wide range of materials and adheres to rigorous standards, including non-destructive testing and heat treatment, to meet the unique needs of each project, from prototype to volume production.

Aerospace Casting

Youray’s aerospace casting services deliver lightweight, high-strength components essential for the demanding aviation industry. We focus on producing parts that meet rigorous aerospace standards, ensuring reliability and performance in critical applications.

Automotive Casting

In automotive casting, Youray provides durable and precise components for vehicles, including engine blocks, transmission cases, and structural parts. Our advanced die-casting processes ensure high-quality parts that contribute to vehicle efficiency and safety.

Marine Casting

Youray’s marine casting services produce robust and corrosion-resistant parts for the maritime industry. Our aluminum and zinc casting expertise offers solutions for marine engines, propellers, and hull components designed to withstand harsh marine environments.

Medical Casting

We specialize in medical casting, creating precise and reliable medical device and equipment components. Youray’s high-precision casting processes ensure that parts meet the stringent standards required in the healthcare sector.

Telecom Casting

Youray supports the telecom industry with die-casting services for durable, high-quality components. Our castings are used in telecom infrastructure, such as antenna housings and connectors, ensuring reliable communication systems.

Other Industries Die Casting

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