Die Casting Motor Housing Cover

Here at YOURAY, the Die Casting Motor Housing Cover we offer has a lightweight frame and end plates that can protect electric motors. It is essential to most companies and industrial motor manufacturers because of the results of their equipment, especially in controlling the temperatures and vibration of the engine, giving it a longer motor life.

Motor Housing Cover step by step

A motor housing cover is made with press-formed materials that can reduce the vibration and heat transmissions of the motor from your car, blower, or gate. The resistance and tolerance of a motor housing cover deliver quality performance.

Design & Die Preparation

Step 1: Design & Die Preparation

Use CAD software to design the motor housing cover. Design and manufacture the die based on the cover's design.
Assemble the die in the die casting machine and apply a release agent to the die cavity.

Molten Metal Preparation

Step 2: Molten Metal Preparation

Melt the selected material in a furnace.
Transfer the molten metal to the die casting machine.

Injection and Cooling

Step 3: Injection and Cooling

Close the die halves and inject the molten metal into the die cavity under high pressure.
Allow the metal to cool and solidify inside the die.

Ejection and Trimming

Step 4: Ejection and Trimming

Open the die halves and eject the casting.
Trim away excess materials like flash, runners, and gates.

Post-Processing and Quality Control

Step 5: Post-Processing and Quality Control

Conduct secondary operations like machining, painting, or coating if necessary.
Inspect the casting for defects, ensuring it meets all specifications.

Final Assembly and Shipping

Step 6: Final Assembly and Shipping

If part of a larger assembly, combine the motor housing cover with other components.
Test the assembly's functionality, then package and ship or store the finished products.

Die casting motor housing cover benefits

Investing in a die-casting motor housing cover is a good decision if you want a longer life for your motor. Specifically, you will benefit from the:

Shield features to protect your electric motors

Cooling tunnel for the motor’s temperature

Durability and a low maintenance

Excellent resistance and tolerance

Special materials used

Motor Housing Cover Examples

Several motor housing covers are available for commercial and industrial use. Here at YOURAY, we manufacture metal housing covers for your Blower Motor, Electric Motor, Gate Motor, and other custom motor housing types for your machines that suit your preference and demand.

Die casting motor housing cover price


YOURAY is one of the best and leading manufacturers of motor housing covers because of the company's quality and fast delivery time.

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