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Welcome to our firm that knows about the motor shaft manufacturing process! We are a premium double-shaft motor manufacturer, serving numerous global sectors. Precision engineering and longevity of our products are ensured by state-of-the-art technology and qualified personnel.
Committed to quality, we work to satisfy the unique needs of our clients and provide solutions that foster success and creativity.

Motor Shaft types

Motor shafts, which convey power and rotational motion in a variety of machines and gadgets, are essential parts. They come in various varieties, each created to fit particular uses. It is essential to be aware of the various possibilities, including solid, hollow, keyed, and splined shafts, before choosing the best shaft for a particular task.

threaded shaft

Threaded Shaft

Flanged Shaft​

Flanged Shaft

Tapered Shaft​

Tapered Shaft

Stepped Shaft​

Stepped Shaft

Motor Shaft benefit

The mechanical connection between the motor and the driven parts is provided by motor shafts, which are essential parts of many machines and pieces of equipment. These cylinder-shaped rotating elements come with a number of crucial benefits, such as effective power transfer, exact rotational control, compatibility with a wide range of applications, and the capacity to handle high loads and torque. Motor shafts are essential in a variety of industries, including robotics, aircraft, and the automotive and manufacturing sectors.

A wide variety of uses
Support for different Motors
The amplifying of torque
Simple to replace

Motor Shaft application

Motor shafts are essential for transferring electrical energy into mechanical work in a variety of mechanical and electromechanical systems. These cylindric rotating parts transfer power, enabling the usage of everything from home appliances to heavy equipment.
In a wide range of applications, its design, material choice, and precision are crucial for assuring the best performance and efficiency.

Motor Shaft price


As the CEO of YOURAY, a motor shaft manufacturer, my mission is to promote development and technical excellence while providing unmatched quality and dependability to our customers across the globe.

CEO: Mr. Shen

Motor type, shaft material, size, and manufacturer are just a few of the variables that might affect the price range of motor shafts. In many different machines and pieces of equipment, motor shafts are crucial parts that convey power and motion. Small, basic shafts can cost a few dollars, whereas larger or more specialised shafts might cost hundreds of dollars.
It’s crucial to take into account the precise specifications and level of quality required for your application before making a purchase.

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