Prototype CNC Machining Services

YOURAY’s CNC machining parts services are a fast, cost-effective approach to producing quality prototypes, tooling, and precision end-user parts from various engineering-grade materials.

We Provide a One-Stop CNC Machining Service

We provide a one-stop solution for your CNC machining service needs. With our scope of service, we can assure you to meet the wide range of product development you need.
With our experience and expertise in this industry, we deliver prototype CNC machining part service with your desired material without compromising functionality, cost, and speed.
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CNC Machining

YOURAY's CNC machining service is widely applied with the latest product development, prototyping, rapid tooling, and high-end manufacturing. Our technology involves computer-aided controls and machine tools to remove layers of a stock workpiece.

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CNC Milling

YOURAY CNC milling services are available in various sizes, capacities, and axial configurations. It is carried out with a high-speed automated cutting machine to remove unwanted material from a part.

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CNC Turning

Our CNC turning Service is designed for making final parts with radial and axial holes, grooves, and slots. It can turn rapidly for plastic and metals with complex cylindrical features and threads.

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Pump housing
Electric Vehicle Battery Charger Housing
CNC machined aluminum parts
CNC Machine Frame Kit Aluminum Lathe Bed
Aluminum CNC Machining Custom Parts
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Providing Die Casting For The Industries

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aerospace casting

We provide strong, lightweight, and complex plastic parts for the aerospace industry. Our aerospace casting includes high-performance polymers and metals. We offer high-precision polymer-based aerospace applications.

Medical Die Casting

YOURAY offers high-quality medical die casting for medical devices and equipment for the industry’s needs. We use aluminum for manufacturing medical components like diagnostic devices, prosthetic equipment, and various orthopedic and surgical devices.

Marine Casting

In the marine industry, there is a great demand for high-quality precision components used for windlasses, mooring, winches, and other marine industry products. Parts of the ship will be generated with stringent layout, ultra-high Accuracy, and strict resistance.

Telecom Casting

Our CNC machining is helpful for prototyping in the development stage of telecom casting and electronic products. We provide high-end product housings that require CNC milling and turning, which can achieve high precision and smoothness.

How to Choose An Aerospace Foundry Manufacturer to Boost Your Business

When choosing your aerospace foundry manufacturer, you should consider the factors that will truly reflect your final output. From design, manufacturing process, availability of best-fitted materials to use.
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"Our CNC prototyping helps you test your product and realize your ideal product design. Discover the wonders of product development with our team of experts."

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We are a one-stop prototype CNC machining service that focuses on the quality and affordability of your end product. We commit to giving the best turnarounds and cost-effectiveness for your mass manufacturing. By delivering quality and reliable parts, we ensure to bring you the absolute precision and Accuracy your prototype should have.

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