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Thanks for visiting our spline shaft manufacturing business! We are a top spline shafts manufacturer, serving numerous sectors like industrial, aerospace, and the car industry. We specialize in developing precision-engineered spline shafts that satisfy the most rigorous standards, ensuring durability and effectiveness for your applications.
We do this using cutting-edge technology and a knowledgeable workforce.

Spline Shaft types

Spline shafts are crucial mechanical parts that transmit torque in a variety of systems and machines. They offer a safe connection to other parts like shifts, couplings, or pulleys by way of a sequence of ridges (splines) that run the length of the shaft. There are various sorts of spline shafts, each of which is created for a particular purpose and set of load requirements.

ball Spline Shaft

Ball Spline Shaft

Helical Spline Shaft

Helical Spline Shaft

Involute Spline Shaft​

Involute Spline Shaft

Straight Spline Shaft​

Straight Spline Shaft

Spline Shaft benefit

Spline shafts are mechanical parts with many uniformly spaced teeth, or splines, running the length of them. These specialized shafts have several benefits that make them perfect for use in a variety of automotive, aerospace, and industrial machinery applications, including improved power transmission, increased torque capacity, decreased stress concentration, improved alignment, and the ability to accommodate misalignments.

High-load capacity
Simple assembling and disassembling
Compact Style
Longer Service Life

Spline Shaft application

Spline shafts are essential mechanical components frequently utilised in several applications to transmit torque and rotation between two or more shafts. They are perfect for use in automotive systems, industrial machinery, aircraft, and other systems because of their complex design, which includes ridges that resemble teeth and provide a precise and safe transfer of power.

Spline Shaft price


My goal as the CEO of Youray, a spline gear shafts manufacturer, is to promote innovation, accuracy, and dependability so that we become the company of choice for clients all around the world.

CEO: Mr. Shen

YOURAY is one of the leading spline gear shaft manufacturers. Spline shafts are crucial parts used in a variety of industries, including machinery, aircraft, and the automotive sector. We specialize in making high-quality spline shafts. We guarantee accurate and effective spline shaft manufacture while retaining low pricing for our esteemed client’s thanks to cutting-edge technology and a talented workforce.

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