Surface Finishing 

For applications in special environments, our die casting surface treatment processes also include special dust and water resistant coatings to ensure superior performance and reliability in harsh conditions. These process options offer customers more customization possibilities to meet the needs of different industries and application areas.

We offer die casting surface treatments


We are able to improve the surface treatment accuracy of aluminum alloy and zinc alloy parts to the micron level, ensuring that the surface finish of the product is up to 98%


Our professional Painting finishes utilize high-precision painting techniques to ensure that every inch of the surface is evenly coated.


Provide a variety of plating options, including copper, nickel, tin, chrome substitute, while equipped with advanced testing equipment, such as film thickness meter, gloss tester, salt spray tester, etc.


Utilizes leading anodizing technology to create a uniform, strong oxide layer for the product.


Our sand blasting process adopts drum type sand blasting equipment with adjustable speed, which effectively reduces the problem of product collision and ensures uniform surface treatment.

Chemical Treatment

Our products can be chemically processed to meet more than 1000 hours of salt spray test standards.

Work with us to obtain customized surface treatment solutions to meet the unique needs of your production line,contact us now!

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