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Automotive industries are now in the range to provide the most cutting-edge and innovative car parts worldwide. This sector creates, develops, and produces a variety of vehicles, including most components like the drive shaft.

With this, have fun looking at these trusted Drive Shaft Manufacturers UK and have the edge in the quick shipping processes they offer. Expect an instant deal at the most cost-effective value you’ve ever experienced. Some of these driveshaft suppliers offer different services for your car and can give you discounts on wholesale and retail orders.

drive shaft manufacturer UK

The drive shaft is a primary component of every vehicle and the car could not move without it. This part allows torque (the twisting force that accelerates the car) to be delivered from the transmission to the differential and then to the car’s wheels.

In simple words, a drive shaft is a car component that distributes torque to the other parts, separated and situated in various locations.

Since a large portion of the world’s population already uses cars, more automotive businesses have emerged to meet this industry’s demand. Since cars have different designs, it is expected to be that the drive shaft components are used in different parts of the car depending on the car type.

You can find drive shafts in different locations in four-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, and rear-wheel drive.

Drive Shaft Market Overview

Due to the growing demand for the draft shaft as a primary component of the car, the automotive industry had a market size of over six billion dollars in the year 2022 worldwide. This is expected to grow more than 6 percent in the forecasted period, which is between 2022 to 2030. With an anticipated amount of over nine billion dollars, the automotive industry will be the leading commerce sector across the globe.

With that being said, there is also a projected analysis of the different kinds of drive shafts in the world. This includes steel and aluminum, in which steel has an expected five billion dollars in the upcoming years, while aluminum has an estimated growth of 6.4 percent.

In regions, the leading country in this market is the US, with one billion dollars. This was followed by China, with an expected growth by 2030 of three billion dollars. The countries Japan, Canada, Europe, and Germany are forecasted to grow by 4 percent each. On the other hand, countries like South Korea, Australia, and India are expected to reach one billion dollars.

Top 10 Drive Shaft Manufacturers in the UK

The following are the top 10 automotive drive shaft manufacturers with their excellent services and premium-grade products:

1.Bailey Morris

Bailey Morris Drive Shaft

Bailey Morris Ltd is a custom driveshafts UK manufacturer and producer that was founded in 1977. This company has been supplying drive shafts worldwide for the past 46 years. They have facilities in West London and Cambridgeshire. With their extensive selection of various draft shafts, they can offer quality products in the market. Their skilled workforce, controlled production standards, and experience make it easy to provide technical services and operations aside from their main product, the prop shaft or drive shaft. A few of their services include driveshaft refurbishment, repair, and modification.

Bailey Morris Official Website:
About Bailey Morris:
Bailey Morris Product:
Bailey Morris Solution:


Firow Drive Shaft

This manufacturing company is a prop shaft specialist that provides a high-quality prop shafts nationwide. Firow prop shaft was established in 1981 and are already in the market for over 40 years. With this, they now have a rich experience when it comes to the driveline industry that enables them to offer their customers reliable and quality products. Along with all the products that they are manufacturing, Firow Propshafts also offers different kinds of services, such as prop shaft repair, prop shaft balancing, custom prop shafts, prop shaft modification, and many more.

Firow Official Website:

About Firow:

Firow Product:

Firow Solution:

3.S.S. White

S.S. White Drive Shaft
S.S. White is a driveshaft UK company founded in the late 1920s. With their long standing in the automotive draft shaft industry, they are able to maintain and increase the company’s supply of draft shafts with assured standard quality. Their products are widely used in different sectors, not just automobiles. This includes the marine, aerospace, food, farming, and agricultural sectors. Because of their excellent production systems, they are certified by ISO 9001, BS EN9100, and NADCAP. S.S. White’s top priority is to provide each customer with the highest quality and service and maintain a good relationship with them. 

S.S. White Official Website:

About S.S. White:

S.S. White Product:

S.S. White Solution:

4.DriveShaft UK

DriveShaft UK
DriveShaft UK is a manufacturer and producer of various car parts. This company was founded in 1993 and has been delivering an affordable supply of car components worldwide. They are one of the trusted manufacturers of draft shafts, reaching customers locally and internationally. Through advanced technology and a set of skilled workers, a fast supply chain and crystal-clear transactions are given to their valued customers. DriveShaft’s priority is to give quality and cost-effective products, especially for bulk and wholesale orders. 

DriveShaft Official Website:

About DriveShaft:

DriveShaft Product:

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5.DriveShaft Parts Co., Ltd.

DriveShaft Parts Co., Ltd
DriveShaft Parts Co., Ltd. is a driveshaft UK manufacturer founded in 2007. Their logistics and production facility was located at Chiseldon. This company has been supplying car products, especially drive shafts, across the globe. They are able to establish international branches, and now they are offering a wide range of driveshafts on the market. Critical inspection and standard quality control are one of the processes in their production system. They make sure that products will be delivered to customers with standardized quality. Thus, they have a specific team that closely monitors the facilities’ products. 

DriveShaft Parts Ltd CoOfficial Website:

About DriveShaft Parts Ltd Co:

DriveShaft Parts Ltd Co Product:

DriveShaft Parts Ltd Co Solution:

6.J & R Trading

J & R Trading Drive Shaft
This manufacturing company is one of the leading providers of quality car parts. They specialize in making drive shafts, cv joints, boot kits, abs rings, hub nuts & hub bolts, and many more. With over 25 years of experience in the market, they ensure that they provide the best quality car parts. J&R Trading also offers a good quality service to their consumers and they have the swiftest way of making shipping and transactions with their customers. That is why you can never go wrong with this car parts manufacturing company. 

J & R Trading Official Website:

About J & R Trading:

J & R Trading Product:

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7.Driveshaft Solution

Driveshaft Solution
Driveshaft Solutions is one of the top-quality providers of drive/prop, and PTO shafts. Aside from these products, they also offer other car parts such as center bearings, and universal joints, and specialize in Vito Propshafts, Sprinter Propshafts, and Ford Transit Propshafts. This manufacturing company was established in the year 1976 and has been in the industry for over 40 years. With their expertise in producing driveshaft products, they become one of the most well-known suppliers of Automotive Driveshafts, Propshafts, Brake Calipers, Steering Products, and Associated Components. They also offer standard and custom Driveshafts and C/V Joints. 

Driveshaft Solution Official Website:

About Driveshaft Solution:

Driveshaft Solution Product:


WEEYH Drive Shaft
WEEYH is a manufacturing company that focuses on producing agricultural machinery parts. They have produced over 200,000 sets of agricultural machinery-related parts all over the world. With their one-stop procurement model, customers can buy the most complete set of accessories in a single time. When it comes to their factory, their production team acquired rich experience in the field of producing propeller shafts and drive shafts. They use high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing technology to provide their customers with durable, reliable, and superior performance propeller shafts and drive shafts. 

WEEYH Official Website:

About WEEYH:

WEEYH Product:

WEEYH Solution:


Cyner Drive Shaft
Cyner Industrial Co., Ltd. is one of the drive shaft manufacturers in UK. It was established in 1978 and has been manufacturing and delivering a wide selection of engine components for motors, cars, tractors, machines, and carts. This company also offers customized and new designs for gears and shafts, a very in-demand trend in the automotive industry. Using technology and a skilled workforce, Cyner was able to provide a fast and smooth supply of their products worldwide even with bulk, wholesale, and retail orders. They also make sure to give their clients cost-effective products with reliable quality. 

Cyner Official Website:

About Cyner:

Cyner Product:

10.DM Wheels

DM Wheels Drive Shaft
DM Wheel Systems is another custom driveshafts UK designer and supplier. Aside from their product, which is wheels, they also specialize in manufacturing customized automotive parts like drive shafts. Through extensive standard control production, they are able to continually supply the supply chain of various engine parts. They also have a vast selection of services they can offer. To supply quality driving shafts for wheels is one of their goals as a manufacturer and producer in the industry. With premium-grade machinery in their facilities, they can meet the requirements and demands of their beloved customers. 

DM Wheels Official Website:

About DM Wheels:

DM Wheels Product:

DM Wheels Solution:


Drive shaft supplies are one of the prominent demands in the market, especially since the automotive has the biggest proportion in the industry. And with this, having a reliable and affordable supplier is truly a dream for an entrepreneur who wants a business standing in the market.

Whether you are an individual seeking the best drive shaft for your car or personal use, or a company searching for manufacturers that can supply you with the greatest drive shaft products, this latest list of Drive Shaft Manufacturers in the UK, will surely satisfy your needs and requirements.

Always remember to choose the most reliable manufacturer–with excellent customer service, certifications, and worth-the-price products with premium quality.

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