Top 12 Die Casting Machine Manufacturers

Die casting Machine Manufacturers

To be in a die-casting industry, you must be equipped with the proper machinery to help your growth throughout this field. Below are some die casting machine manufacturers & suppliers that may help you in your die-casting business journey.

Die-casting machines are used for metal casting, injecting molten metal into the mold cavity. The die-casting parts take their final shape once the metal cools and solidifies. This manufacturing technique produces metal castings such as aluminum or zinc die castings.

Die casting Machine Manufacturers

Die casting Machine Manufacturers Market Overvie

The market for die-casting machines was valued at $2,664.7 million in 2020; it is anticipated to increase to $4,864.6 million by 2030, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.1%. A die-casting machine uses high pressure to press molten metal into a reusable metal die. Single, multiple-cavity, and combination die are the different categories for dies.


Leading Die Casting Machine Suppliers List:


Buhler Die Casting Machine

Buhler creates the best process solutions along entire value chains. Every day, two billion people eat food produced on Bühler machinery, and one billion people commute in automobiles made from parts generated on our equipment. Buhler die casting company is the go-to technology provider for all high-pressure die-casting requirements, and it helps its clients at every stage of the investment process.

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Frech Die Casting Machine

Frech is a well-known producer of die-casting machinery. With 700 people and clients worldwide, it started as a tool manufacturer in southern Germany and has since developed into a leading global die-casting expert. Frech is dedicated to its staff and has high standards for product quality, enabling it to offer top-notch goods and unparalleled international services.

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Shibaura Die Casting Machine

The “Shibaura Machinery Manufacturing Institute,” its original name, was replaced with “Shibaura Machinery” in 1961. It contributed to the growth of the business by providing various mechanical equipment to companies in Japan and around the world. Injection molding machines, die casting machines, extrusion molding machines, delicate transfer devices, precision instruments, processing machines, electronic control devices, and industrial robots are all produced and sold by Shibaura Machinery Group.

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4.Italpresse Gauss

Italpresse Gauss Die Casting Machine

The world pioneer in die-casting technology, Italpresse Gauss offers premium die-casting equipment, automated workstations, and knowledgeable support services. Italpresse Gauss insists on technological innovation in the field of aluminum and light alloy casting to continuously increase production flexibility and quality. The development process of Italpresse and Gauss Automation is centered on this natural synergy.

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UBE Die Casting Machine

UBE Xinchuan Railway Engineering Institute, the predecessor of UBE Xingchan Machinery Co., Ltd., was established in 1914. The company, which operates globally, was based in UBE MACHINERY INC in Michigan, USA, in 1996 to assemble die-casting and injection molding machines, sell machineries made in Japan, such as extruders and other machinery, and offer after-sales services. In 1942, it changed its name to the parent company’s machinery business division, UBE Xingchan Co., Ltd.

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Toyo Die Casting Machine


Precision machinery maker Mechanical Metals was founded to ” attach importance to customers and develop together with customers” and increase customer value. China, Japan, the United States, and other Asian countries are the company’s primary sales markets.

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Zetwerk Die Casting Machine

ZETWERK offers various services, including extrusion, investment casting, die casting equipment, forging, metal injection molding, surface heat treatment, and precision CNC machining. Materials used include several types of stainless steel, ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, aluminum, brass, bronze, and copper. Secondary metal finishing services are available, including chrome plating, anodizing, annealing, heat treatment, and passivation. Serves the oil and gas, cement, steel, sugar, infrastructure, power equipment, medical, aerospace, and automotive industries.

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8.Bent River 

Bent River Die Casting Machine

Bent River is a custom maker of casting equipment for the semiconductor, mining, robotics, aerospace, agricultural, automotive, defense, food handling, medical, and automotive industries. The following machine types are available: turnkey, automatic, continuous, flexible, high speed, modular, non-synchronous, semi-automatic, and synchronous. PLC, MMI, CNC, and manual control modes are available. Additional services include project management, documentation, installation, and reverse engineering. Available production runs in low- to high-volume prototypes.

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9.Ford FabricatingFord Fabricating Die Casting Machine

Ford Fabricating offers CNC die-casting equipment. Some examples are automatic, continuous, adaptable, fast, modular, synchronous, non-synchronous, and semi-automatic styles. Additional services include documentation, product design, project management, reverse engineering, and technical support. Serves the pharmaceutical, dairy, electrical, electronics, food and beverage, marine, construction, cosmetics, commercial, defense, aerospace, automotive, and construction sectors.

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10Precision Automation 

Precision Automation Die Casting Machine

Precision Automation Company Inc. is a custom manufacturer of die-casting machines. Assembly, bending, broaching, grinding, heat treatment, molding, plating, engineering, and welding are just a few of the capabilities. Industries covered include agriculture, architecture, chemicals, electronics, food, marine, and medicine.

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InterTech Die Casting Machine

InterTech Development Co. is a die-casting machine manufacturer specializing in testing. There are several different types of testers, including fuel filter mass flow, fuel regulator calibration & functional test systems, flange assembly helium & fue, cam cover, transmission channel plate, in-line end cover helium, transfer case mass flow, intake manifold-mass flow, burst, clutch cover, crankcase, & transmission cover mass flow leak testers, brake caliper & wheel cylinder dial functional testers, shock absorber tube & master available mass flow leak testers conforms to ISO 9001.

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12.Surplus Record 

Surplus Record Die Casting Machine

Surplus Record is North America’s oldest and most reputable marketplace for more than 95,000 industrial equipment items, both new surplus and used. Products include CNC, machine tools, air compressors, chemical and process equipment, cranes, mills, drills, gear machinery, presses, rolls, saws, and shears, as well as pumps, plastic and rubber equipment, welding equipment, packaging equipment, electric motors, transformers, generators, circuit breakers, gear reducers, turbines, engines, and boilers.

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Choosing the Right Die Casting Machine Manufacturer

There are several things to consider when selecting a die-casting machine manufacturer. To ensure that you choose wisely, we listed some elements below: machine quality, customer service, cost, and value for the money.

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Quality Of Machines

The most crucial aspect to consider when selecting a manufacturer is the caliber of the die-casting equipment. Ensure the equipment is efficient, dependable, and long-lasting. Seek out producers whose products have a track record of being strong enough to endure the demands of your production procedures.

Customer Service

Customer service is another essential component to take into account. Collaborate with a manufacturer who can meet my needs quickly and support me. I search for manufacturers with a committed customer service team who can assist me with any problems I might run into.


When selecting a manufacturer of die-casting machines, price is another aspect to consider. Make sure that the devices you buy are reasonably priced. To make sure, obtain the most excellent deal possible, and compare the costs of several manufacturers.

Value For Money

Finally, think about the manufacturer’s value for your money. Ensure you receive a fair return on your investment and that the machines you buy are worthwhile investments. To maximize your investment, look for manufacturers who provide warranties, maintenance services, and other value-added services.


Types of Die Casting Machines


Hot-Chamber Die Casting Machines

Due to the design of its metal feeding system, hot-chamber machines, also known as “gooseneck machines,” have a pressure chamber that is directly connected to the mold cavity, allowing molten metal to flow continuously into the pressurized compartment. Molten metal is injected into the casting die when the chamber’s cylinder returns to an unpressurized state. The procedure is quick and generally moves along more quickly than its cold-chamber version.

Cold-Chamber Die Casting Machines

Molten metal must be manually or automatically ladled into the chamber of a cold-chamber die-casting machine. The metal is forced into a die after a hydraulically driven plunger seals off the pressure compartment. The plunger and its related components are less likely to corrode thanks to these machines’ reduced heat output.



Having a reliable die-casting machine manufacturer partner for your business is vital. When you get a good one, this will surely bring you the ease of minding the maintenance and repairs in the long run. The above list is just some of the best providers in this industry, which hopefully narrowed down your long list.


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