Top 19 Drive Shaft Manufacturers of 2023

Drive Shaft Manufacturers

Drive Shaft Manufacturers are crucial to the automotive and industrial industries because they provide vital parts that effectively transfer power. We’ll examine the top 20 drive shaft producers worldwide in this analysis. Additionally, we’ll review essential elements to consider when selecting a supplier, assisting you in making judgments for your particular needs. Understanding the market’s key players and fundamental selection criteria is critical for the best performance and reliability, whether you work in the automotive or industrial sectors.

Market Overview

Drive Shaft Market Overview

Note: The market for automotive drive shafts is now valued at USD 74.26 billion and is anticipated to grow at a 6.54% CAGR to reach USD 101.94 billion during the projected period.

What is Drive Shaft

Drive shafts are one of the most important mechanical components found in a variety of vehicles and machinery. They are the key connection between an engine and wheels or other driven parts. Drive shafts are responsible for transferring rotational force, torque, and motion from the source of power (usually an engine or motor) to the places where it is needed to move and move.

Driveshafts play an important role in automotive applications, transferring engine power to wheels to move and control vehicles. They are also essential in industrial machinery, where motors are connected to various components such as conveyors, pumps, and fans. All in all, drive shafts have a vital role in efficient power transmission, making it possible for engines and motors to drive machinery and vehicles efficiently.

Top 19 Drive Shaft Manufacturers in the Industry Lists

1.Forster Tool and Manufacturing

Forster Tool, established in 1958 by Johann Forster, is trusted and one of the top drive shaft manufacturers in the industry with 50+ years of experience. They excel in precision machining custom drive shafts from various materials, including titanium and plastic. Overcoming unique machining challenges, Forster Tool consistently delivers top-quality drive shaft solutions.

Location: 1135 Industrial Dr. Bensenville, IL 60106
Founder: Johann Forster
Founding Year: 1958


Youray Die Casting

YOURAY, a leading global die casting manufacturer with 10+ years of experience in aluminum and zinc casting, specializes in drive shaft components. Their comprehensive services, from design engineering to mass production, ensure top-quality, on-time, and budget-friendly drive shaft solutions for diverse industries.
Location: Yuyang City, Zheijang Province China

Founder: Mr. Shen
Founding Year: 2010

3.Western Machine Works LLC

Operating from Portland, Oregon, since 1985, Western Machine Works is a trusted Industrial Shaft Manufacturer and repair service across the Western US and Canada. Their experienced team excels in custom driveshaft design, modification, and manufacturing, ensuring top-quality results that meet precise operational parameters and technical specifications.

Location: 12005 N. Burgard Road Portland, OR 97203
Founder: Greg Allen
Founding Year: 1985

4.Empower Manufacturing

Empower Manufacturing

Empower, a leading shaft Manufacturer, specializes in crafting custom drive shafts and components for efficient energy transfer in diverse machinery applications. With ultra-precise grinding tolerances, they ensure reliable and precisely crafted drive shafts crucial for various machinery, including marine submersibles, pumps, and electric motors.

Location: Miamisburg, OH 45342
Founder: Eli Liechty
Founding Year: 1978



AmTech, a renowned drive shaft manufacturer in USA, leverages 25+ years of experience producing precision metallic and plastic shafts to your specifications. With advanced manufacturing techniques such as splining, cold-forging, and shaping, AmTech ensures high-quality, custom shaft solutions for various OEM applications.

Location: 100 Professional View Drive, Freehold, NJ 07728
Founder: Tom Bodell
Founding Year: 1995



Systrand, a precision machining leader with 40+ years of experience, excels in turning, grinding, and gear production. They specialize in crafting drive shafts, including those with integrated gears and splines, ensuring top-quality results even at high production rates. Systrand is renowned for its precision and surface polish accuracy.

Location: 19050 Allen Road, Brownstown, MI 48183
Founder: Sharon Cannarsa
Founding Year: 1982

7.Great Lakes Forge

Great Lakes Forge

With over 60 years of experience, Great Lakes Forge excels in producing stainless steel and custom-forged automotive drive shafts. Utilizing cutting-edge procedures, they guarantee precision and quality across diverse industries. Their expertise lies in forging steel shafts tailored to your project, consistently delivering the highest quality work.

Location: Traverse City, Michigan 49686
Founder: Peter Jones
Founding Year: 1960

8.HM Manufacturing

HM Manufacturing

HM Manufacturing is your innovative partner for industrial shafts, specializing in custom drive shafts and pulley prototypes. With an experienced team, they offer rapid lead times, including crisis orders within 24-48 hours. HM Manufacturing ensures accurate and efficient fulfillment of various applications’ drive shaft and pulley requirements.

Location: 1200 Henri Drive Wauconda IL 60084
Founder: Kenneth W. Wolter
Founding Year: 1979

9. Durga Plast

Durga Plast

Founded in 1996, Durga Plast is a renowned company specializing in producing and exporting lead screws, PVC profiles, driveshafts, ball screws, and more. They prioritize quality, sourcing excellent raw materials like PVC resin from reputable vendors and ensuring their products’ compliance with international quality standards.

Location: Amraiwadi, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Founder: Hemant Patel
Founding Year: 1996

10.HAR Engineering

HAR Engineering

HAR Engineering, located in Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh, excels in manufacturing precision industrial drive shafts. They customize shaft components to your specifications, ensuring quality with tight grinding tolerances of .0001″. Their range covers sizes from 15 to 800 MM and lengths up to 3000 MM, featuring specialized features like grooves, journals, flats, drill holes, threads, tapped holes, and chamfers. They use top-quality raw materials from reputable suppliers.

Location: Madhya Pradesh 461111
Founder: Unknown
Founding Year: 2011

11.Royal Mech

Royal Mech

Royal Mech is a well-known manufacturer, exporter, supplier, trader of heavy-duty machining services with a focus on different components, and one of the best drive shaft manufacturers in the industry. Their product line, which meets a variety of industrial applications, consists of drive shafts, shrink-fitted rolls, flanges, tie bars, forged shafts, piston rods, lead screws, rail wheels, and heavy-duty components for sugar machinery.

Location: Bhosari, Pune, Maharashtra – 411026, India
Founder: Rameshwar Bikat
Founding Year: 2016

12.Action Machine

Action Machine

Action Machine specializes in crafting custom industrial drive shafts and precision machining. With CNC production and welding expertise, their driveshaft division creates bespoke drive shafts for various applications. Explore their online store for drive shaft components, backed by a history of customer satisfaction since 1975.

Location: 1847 Prairie Ave. South Bend, IN. 46613
Founder: Rob Markson
Founding Year: 1975

13.Yash Engineering & Industrial Suppliers

Yash Engineering & Industrial Suppliers

Yash Engineering & Industrial Suppliers is your top choice for industrial drive shafts and heavy-duty gear components, including spur gears, gearboxes, helical gear rings, double helical gears, gear couplings, and herringbone gears. These precision-made components serve diverse industries like steel mills, sugar refineries, and automotive manufacturing. Additionally, they offer Herringbone Gear Maintenance Services to ensure equipment durability.

Location: Chinchwad, Pune, Maharashtra
Founder: Mayur Shah
Founding Year: 1978

14. Riten Industries Inc.

Riten Industries

With over 70 years of experience, Riten Industries, Inc. is a renowned innovator in premium workholding equipment and industrial drive shafts. They excel in high-production, close-tolerance workholding solutions, supported by a skilled team of design engineers, sales representatives, and product specialists. Count on Riten Industries for your drive shaft and work holding needs.

Location: Washington Court House, Ohio 43160
Founding Year: 1933

15.Saraswati Manufacturing Works

Saraswati Manufacturing Works

Saraswati Manufacturing Works, based in Ahmedabad, is a prominent producer specializing in drive shafts, precision-turned shafts, steel shafts, industrial stainless steel shafts, and turned posts. Under the innovative leadership of Mr. Dipesh Shah, they have earned a remarkable reputation for quality and precision in drive shaft manufacturing.

Location: D Colony, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Founder: Dipesh Shah
Founding Year: 1969

16.FZE Manufacturing Solutions

FZE Manufacturing Solutions

FZE Manufacturing Solutions, with 40+ years of experience, excels as a leading supplier of manufacturing and subassembly services, including drive shafts. Their commitment to quality is reflected in cutting-edge practices, state-of-the-art machinery, and rigorous controls. For premium industrial solutions, choose FZE Manufacturing Solutions.

Location: North Fond du Lac, WI 54937
Founder: Doug Pribyl
Founding Year: 1974

17.GWB Driveshaft

GWB Driveshaft

Dana’s GWBTM brand has led industrial drive shaft manufacturing for nearly seven decades. They specialize in drive shafts for mobile and industrial applications, offering technical innovation, high performance, durability, and adaptability as an OEM and aftermarket supplier.

Location: 45329 Essen – Germany,
Founder: Unknown
Founding Year: 1946

18.Vijaya Engineering Works

Vijaya Engineering Works, operating since 1996, specializes in industrial drive shafts and machined components. ISO 9001:2015 certified, they provide cost-effective solutions for the home appliance and automotive industries. Committed to quality, they source premium raw materials and use resources efficiently to ensure customer satisfaction with their drive shafts and components.

Location: Hosur – 635126, Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu, India
Founder: Sarathkumar PANTHADI
Founding Year: 1996

19.Ashoka Group

The Ashoka Group has emerged as a global leader in drive shaft manufacturing to meet export and supply demands. Specializing in custom machined posts like Pinion shafts, Double Helical shafts, Splined shafts, etc., they offer precision industrial shafts, well-suited for applications like generators and boating propellers due to their exceptional accuracy.

Location: Distt. Gautam Budh Nagar UP. India
Founder: Bill Drayton
Founding Year: 1980

Factors to Consider in Choosing Drive Shaft Manufacturers

Certification and Compliance

Verify if the manufacturer adheres to industry norms and has received certifications like ISO 9001. A dedication to reliability and quality is indicated by accreditation.

Customization Options

Consider whether the manufacturer can offer specialized drive shaft solutions to fulfill unique vehicle or machinery needs. Customization guarantees a precise fit and the best results.

Quality and Reputation

Look for producers with a solid track record of delivering drive shafts that meet industry standards. Reputable manufacturers are more likely to offer dependable and long-lasting components, reducing the possibility of driveline problems.

Expertise and Experience

Select suppliers who have a lot of experience designing and producing drive shafts. Manufacturers with more experience can better comprehend the complexity of various applications and offer customized solutions.

Testing and Quality Control

Check the quality assurance procedures used by the manufacturer, including balance and vibration testing. Strict quality control procedures are necessary for a drive shaft to work consistently and dependably.

Warranty and Support

Review the manufacturer’s warranty and after-sales support policies to ensure you have recourse in the event of unforeseen problems. A manufacturer with solid support guarantees comfort and help when required.


Drive shafts are an essential part of industrial and automotive machinery, playing a crucial role in mobility and power transfer. Prioritizing elements like quality, reputation, experience, and customization choices when choosing a drive shaft manufacturer ensures the best performance and dependability.

In addition, strict testing, consistent support, and adherence to industry standards are essential indicators of a manufacturer’s reliability. Dedication to these principles yields excellent products, as is evident from our list of the leading drive shaft producers in the sector. Choosing the correct manufacturer ensures that drive shafts carry out their crucial duty efficiently and effectively, whether for vehicles or industrial.

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