Top 10 Half Shaft Manufacturers in 2023

Top 10 Half Shaft Manufacturers in 2023

Do you need a reputable half shaft manufacturer? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the correct spot. This post has gathered a list of the best half-shaft manufacturers with established and dependable manufacturers supplying high-quality goods built to last and work well.

Half Shaft Market Overview

The worldwide half-shaft industry is predicted to develop at a CAGR of 6.10% between 2022 and 2030, with a market value of $31.19 billion in 2021.

Half Shaft Market Overview
Half Shaft Market Overview

Whether you need automotive half shafts, industrial half shafts, or recreational half shafts, their makers have a variety of solutions to match your specific needs. In this post, you may learn about precise engineering, high-quality materials, and cost-effective half shaft manufacturers.

Top 10 Half Shaft Manufacturers

1. Precision Shaft Technologies

Bailey Morris Drive Shaft

Foundation Year: 2003
Nation: Clearwater, FL
Founder: Mark Veldhuis

Precision Shaft Technologies specializes in manufacturing cutting-edge driveshafts for various applications, including the carbon fiber “Critical Link” driveshaft and PTO Super Spline shaft. With over two decades of industry expertise, they are happy to provide their products to local and foreign markets. Their dedication to excellence is shown in their commitment to inventing novel driveshaft manufacturers solutions and their dedication to providing technical support and service.

PST Technologies Homepage:


Firow Drive Shaft

Foundation Year: 2010
Nation: #60 Xinmin North Road, Zhangting Town, Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province, China
Founder: Mr. Shen

YOURAY takes great pleasure in being a premier die casting manufacturer, offering clients a wide range of services in some sectors. They specialize in design engineering, prototyping, and mass manufacturing. They have over ten years of industry expertise and state-of-the-art facilities. Their commitment to quality control ensures that customers receive high-quality products on time and within budget.

YOURAY Homepage:

3. Kalyani Mobility Drivelines

S.S. White Drive Shaft
Foundation Year: 1979
Nation: 1015 W. Cedar St Standish, Michigan
Founder: Mr. Ravi Nagarkar

Kalyani Group has been in business since 1979. It is part of the $3 billion Kalyani Group, including manufacturing activities and worldwide clients. It has engineering and production sites in India, the United States, Germany, and Sweden, and it provides a comprehensive variety of chassis and powertrain parts and assemblies to OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers worldwide. Kalyani has developed organically and via acquisitions over the last ten years from a modest start-up to a full-fledged powertrain and chassis solutions provider.

Kalyani Mobility Drivelines Homepage:

4. Dexter Axle

DriveShaft UK
Foundation Year: 1960
Nation: Elkhart, Indiana
Founder: Leonard Dexter

Dexter, founded in 1960 in Elkhart, Indiana, by Leonard Dexter, has established itself as a progressive leader in the industry, with countrywide availability and a global distribution presence. Dexter presently produces high-quality products at facilities across the United States and Canada, employing the most advanced robots, precision welding, and automation machining technology.

Dexter Axle Homepage:

5. Saluja Automotives

DriveShaft Parts Co., Ltd
Foundation Year: 2009
Nation: Mori Gate, Delhi
Founder: Mr. Atul Saluja

Saluja Automotive was founded in 2009. They are a producer and supplier of a wide range of cross Assy, cross holder, gear housing block, gear lever end, industrial shaft, and other products. It is well-known in the business for their promptness. They provide them to their clients in both conventional and customized forms. Furthermore, only the highest quality materials are utilized in their manufacture. Mr. Atul Saluja’s leadership has earned them an excellent reputation.

Saluja Automotives Homepage:

6. Amitraj Tradelink LLP

J & R Trading Drive Shaft
Foundation Year: 2023
Nation: Gujarat, India
Founder: Mr. Amitbhai

Amritaj Tradelink Ltd, founded in 2023, is a producer, wholesaler, supplier, and exporter of CNC job work, Hex Nipple, cold forged parts, forging parts, tractor parts, tool steel, ci casting, and other products. They manage all their activities to satisfy their clients’ expectations by supplying them with excellent products that fit their needs. To establish strong connections with customers, they adhere to ethical business standards and give complete transparency in all transactions.

Amitraj Tradelink LLP Homepage:

7. GNA Enterprises

Driveshaft Solution
Foundation Year: 1946
Nation: New Jersey, United States.
Founder: Andy Wang

GNA Enterprises is valued at over $60 million and is India’s most oversized integrated forging and machining enterprise. With over 70 years of expertise, GNA Enterprises is today one of India’s leading auto component producers. It is one of India’s largest suppliers of automobile parts to developed markets worldwide. It also manufactures custom parts for the railway, defense, aerospace, power, and energy industries and marine, mining, and construction equipment. It is capable of producing complicated significant components in various sorts of steel.

GNA Enterprises Homepage:

8. Super Axle Company

WEEYH Drive Shaft
Foundation Year: 1999
Nation: Jaipur, Rajasthan
Founder: Mr. Hitesh Berwal

Super Axle Company, founded in 1999 as a sole proprietorship, is a well-known manufacturer of a wide range of Drive and Axis Shafts. They have built a comprehensive and well-functioning infrastructure that has aided in the growth of their company. They offer these items at reasonable prices and deliver them on time. They have a significant client base throughout the country through the leadership of Mr. Hitesch Berwal, CEO.

Super Axle Company Homepage:

9. U.S. Axle

Cyner Drive Shaft
Foundation Year: 1920
Nation: Pottstown, Pennsylvania
Founder: Ken Harrison

US Axle works with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to develop heavy equipment axle, shaft, and cylinder parts by leveraging its significant technical and production experience. This Pottsville, Pennsylvania, plant is suited to manufacture trustworthy, custom-made, and personalized parts. A trained and devoted staff oversees its integrated operations, such as machining, milling, induction, drilling, and honing. They have supplied OEMs with high-quality components for agriculture, construction, heavy vehicles, railways, downhole drilling markets, and other industries for almost a century.

U.S. Axle Homepage:

10. CyCar Parts And Accessories

DM Wheels Drive Shaft

Foundation Year: 1953
Nation: Selangor, Malaysia
Founder: Unknown

CyCar Parts And Accessories is Malaysia’s leading lubricants and automobile components distributor. Following an operational restructure, they purchased the distribution business of Cycle & Carriage Sdn Bhd in 2006. They are the exclusive distributor of Bardahl Manufacturing Corporation (Bardahl) goods in the United States. They are a world-renowned manufacturer of additive and lubricant components with over 70 years of expertise.

CyCar Parts And Accessories Homepage:

Half Shaft

A half shaft, also known as a drive shaft or axle shaft, is a crucial component in a vehicle’s drivetrain system. It plays a fundamental role in transmitting power from the vehicle’s transmission or differential to the wheels, enabling them to rotate and propel the vehicle forward or backward. Half shafts are commonly found in vehicles with front-wheel drive (FWD) or all-wheel drive (AWD) configurations, and they are typically used in the rear of rear-wheel drive (RWD) vehicles as well.

Half Shaft Types

The half shaft completes the set between the wheels and other joints of vehicles, plus it supports their weight, too. It is a drive axle but only operates almost half of the job, and it is where the name came from. The following are the three different types of half shafts:

  1. Semi-Floating Half Shaft
  2. Full Floating Half Shaft
  3. Three Quarter Floating Half Shaft

Half Shaft Benefits

A half shaft is also called a Constant Velocity (CV), the part of the vehicle that allows it to drive and move forward. Here are the other benefits of a half shaft that proves it’s an essential part of every vehicle:

  1. Transmit drive to the wheels
  2.  Can support weight of vehicles
  3.  Less breakdowns

Half Shaft Application

A half shaft is a vehicle component that plays a significant role in transmission and torque delivery. Also, it works and accommodates the rotational movement of front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. Listed below are about how to replace a half shaft and where it is commonly used:

  1. Transfer Power to Front-Wheel Drive Vehicles
  2. Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) Systems
  3. Industrial and Agricultural Machineries
  4. Works on Off-Road Vehicles
  5. Supports the Performance of Sports Cars


To summarize, half shaft, drive shaft, and associated automotive component manufacturers are diversified and worldwide in scope. Each of these firms delivers a distinct value to the industry, indicating a vibrant, competitive landscape with tremendous growth and innovation prospects. 

It also underlines the relevance of the global supply chain and the automobile components industry’s expanding interconnection. Whether they specialize in a single type of shaft, diversify into diverse components, or promote innovation and technical growth, each plays an essential role in the industry’s ecosystem.

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