Zinc Alloy Die Casting

Welcome to YOURAY where we specialise in producing precision and exceptional zinc alloy products using a high-pressure die-casting machine.

Zinc alloy die-casting industries

Components made from die-casting are commonly used by numerous industries nowadays to create part(s) or whole products.
Plumbing industry

Plumbing industry

Zinc alloy is used to manufacture plumbing materials like pipe connectors, faucets, valves and showerheads.

Lighting devices

Lighting devices

 The lighting industry uses zinc-casting alloys to make products such as lamp bases.

Furnishings and ornaments

Decorative fittings, knobs, and handles are made of die-cast zinc alloy.

Equipment and Hardware

Zinc alloy is used to create handsaws, door locks, door hinges, and door knobs.

The electronic and electrical industry

The electronic and electrical industry

Home switches, sockets, and connections are just a few of the electrical and electronic equipment that are made by die-casting.

Zinc alloy die-casting process

You can rely on YOURAY to provide high quality, affordable, expert guidance, quick turnaround, customisation options, thorough inspection and exceptional customer service with our zinc die-casting products.

Mould-prep procedures

Zinc alloy melting

Infusion of the molten zinc alloy

Infusion of the molten zinc alloy

The cooling process

Die ejection

Die ejection

Adding finishing touches

Quality monitoring

Quality monitoring

Zinc die-casting products

Products made from zinc die-casting, in which molten zinc is pumped into a mould during the die-casting process are excellent metal components for the electrical and automotive industries.

The use of our High-pressure die-casting machine (HPDC) makes the casting process straightforward.

Die-cast zinc material properties

Extreme toughness
Satisfactory stability of dimensions
Damping power
Effective electromagnetic protection
Efficient in terms of cost

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